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"Two kinds of people can best appreciate King County Executive Ron Sims' proposal to improve and expand Metro Transit... Those who drive cars and those who ride Metro buses"
- Federal Way Mirror 4/26/06

"Buses are a good way to get people out of their cars and ease congestion."
- Seattle Times 4/24/06

We WON, thank you for your support!

King County wants Transit Now!

King County is ready for better transit service, and Transit Now will provide it. A 20% increase in bus service. More than 50,000 cars a day off our busy streets. New service as early as February 2007.

And we can afford it.

Transit Now is a financially responsible solution to our congestion problems. Transit Now will cost the average King County household $25 per year - less than a tank of gas!

As more and more people continue to move to the region, we need an improved transit system to keep everybody moving. Transit Now will help Metro keep pace with population and job growth throughout King County.

Already, excitement is building across King County as a coalition of citizens, community groups, businesses, labor unions and environmental organizations have come together in support of an effective and modern Metro bus system.

Transit Now will include four major increases in bus service:

RapidRide: New "bus rapid transit" routes with fast, frequent, all-day service will be created with RapidRide. Bus rapid transit is a new concept for King County. Special modern buses designed for rapid service will serve five new routes. The buses travel in their own dedicated right of way and make limited stop, similar to rail service.

Improved Service: 35 major Metro routes with the highest ridership will see a significant increase in service to provide more frequent all-day service, both directions, between key cities and neighborhoods.

New Service: New bus service will be developed with new peak and midday service for growing residential areas in East and South King County.

Partnerships: By working with local governments and major employers in the private sector, King County can leverage millions in additional funding to add new service in rapidly expanding employment centers.